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[ 30 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]
General strike in Barcelona, Spain - 29 Mar 2012

On the 29th of March, almost everyone in the city put down their work and joined the general strike in Spain.
The strike was against the labor reform in Spain, which the Parliament voted for four months ago. The strike is set up by the two main trade unions, CCOO and UGT. The reforms will make it easier for employers to fire staff, which should encourage companies to hire more employees.
Unions said that around 800.000 people joined the protest, only in Barcelona. Most of the protests were peaceful, but there were …

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[ 27 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]
LMFAO de Artiesten

Saturday night, that´s the night when all the magic happens in Barcelona. On the 17th of March, LMFAO, laughing my * ass off, an American electro pop duo, was performing at Sutton club after their show in Palau Sant Jordi. Sky Blu and Redfoo, the members of LMFAO, call themselves music designers and they work with famous DJ´s and artists to make the most out of their songs. The son and grandson of Berry Gordy, became famous with their songs ´I´m in Miami B*´ and ´Party Rock Anthem´.

Some members of …

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[ 13 Mar 2012 | No Comment ]

This morning, we of the marketing department, were invited together with Raquel, one of the co-founders of Lifestyle Barcelona, to go for breakfast at the Palace Hotel, formerly the Ritz. Going into the hotel, we entered a totally different world. The style of the hotel is totally different of what we saw last week in the other hotels in Barcelona. The style is very traditional, beautiful, elegant and classic with lots of 19th century fine detail.
After a little introduction, we went to the Garden, which is inside but has access …