Chocolate and Photography: Taking a Tour in Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona is to discover the spark of magic in a city that juxtaposes the ancient with the brand-new, and taking a tour in Barcelona is one of …


Visiting Barcelona is to discover the spark of magic in a city that juxtaposes the ancient with the brand-new, and taking a tour in Barcelona is one of the best ways to see this for yourself. In certain parts of the city, each cobblestone you step on could have been put in place hundreds of years before—and you’d have no idea! While sightseeing on your own is a lovely way to pass the time, a proper tour guide can unearth the mysteries buried on an everyday street. Discover the strange and exciting history of Barcelona with one of these incredible tours.

Barcelona Photo Hunt Tour

Perfect for fans of geocaching, photography, or scavenger hunts, this exciting tour combines elements of all three to create a fun, memorable adventure. At the beginning of the tour, your expert guide will give you a set of clues and five photographs. Your mission? To explore the city, finding the right locations and recreating the photos you’ve been given. This activity is a great one for team-building, perfect for friends, families, or even colleagues. If you’re interested in taking this tour in Barcelona, you can find more details here.

Beach Cruiser Bike Tour of Barcelona

Zip through the streets of Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood in this whimsical beach cruiser bike tour! Armed with a charming, brightly-colored bicycle, you and your friends will have a blast exploring some of the city’s prettiest streets on this tour in Barcelona. Bicycles are a great way to see more of the city than is possible on a walking tour, and these ones are so much fun. Once you’ve explored Gracia, your guide will give you the option to cruise past the beach or float by the Sagrada Familia. For more information, go here.

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

Maybe the quintessential tour in Barcelona, this walking tour of the Gothic Quarter is just one of the best. Mysterious, romantic, and bursting with legend, the Gothic Quarter is one of the oldest places in Barcelona, and with this tour, your expert guide will break down the details. As you navigate Barcelona’s Cathedral, twisting alleys, and narrow passageways, you’ll get the lowdown on fascinating tidbits of history as well as local legends you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Interested? Go here.

Chocolate Tour

Need we say more? This tasty tour combines two of the most fun parts about travel into a single splendid adventure. For two hours, you and your group will explore the Old Town, visiting five of the city’s best chocolatiers as you go on this tour in Barcelona. Led by a native guide, you’ll love getting to see the stunning architecture and lovely passageways of Barcelona in between bites. This activity is perfect for couples or families, but really everyone who likes chocolate is sure to enjoy themselves. After all, it’s vacation; why not experience everything? Details about the chocolate tour are here.

Guided Tour, Sagrada Familia and Towers – Skip the Line

If you visit Barcelona, there is one stop that is an absolute must—the Sagrada Familia. Gaudí’s great unfinished masterpiece is projected to be completed in around ten years, and the beautiful basilica stands tall and proud in the city. Resplendent with symbolism and filled with stunning details like the tree-trunk columns or the amazing carvings on the facade, the Sagrada Familia is also difficult to understand if you don’t have a guide. Luckily, we do. With this guided tour, you can skip the line at the basilica to spend some time inside while your expert guide explains the significance of each detail. Once you’re finished, you can head over to the museum for a quick history lesson to help you place Gaudi and his work in the right context. If you love art, history, architecture, or beauty, you’ll enjoy this tour in Barcelona.

The Takeaway

Barcelona is a walkable city, with excellent public transportation and a lot to see everywhere you go. If you love history, stories, exploration, or chocolate, you’re sure to find a tour that’s perfect for you.

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