Places in Barcelona to get inspiration

There’s much more to Barcelona than Gaudí, Barça football matches, paella, and sunny beaches. While it’s undeniable that one can draw inspiration from iconic locations such as La …

Inspiring places in Barcelona

There’s much more to Barcelona than Gaudí, Barça football matches, paella, and sunny beaches. While it’s undeniable that one can draw inspiration from iconic locations such as La Sagrada Familia or La Pedrera – two of the main attractions of the city – this innovation capital also holds a large number of secret places that will surely make your mind travel a steam train of ideas. Strolling around the city you’ll find hidden treasures in the shape of museums, parks, squares and enchanting locations that will amaze you. Do you feel like discovering them all? Keep reading to find our favourite top spots for inspiration and creativity in the ever-beautiful Barcelona.

Parks and Gardens for imagination

Park del Poblenou and Laberint d'Horta
Park del Poblenou (left) and Laberint d’Horta (right)

Nature and a thousand ideas are waiting for you in the parks and gardens that adorn the city. Who doesn’t get inspired admiring Park Güell’s unforgettable structures? But if you prefer less “touristy” locations, there are a couple of hidden jewels where you can find the best of peace and quiet, with a hint of art and nature.

The first one is Parc del Poblenou, located in the district of the same name. This park has been designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, creating a peaceful space inspired by the surrounding area which ones once a centre for the textile industry. Here you’ll be able to experience sights of uncanny beauty such as weeping willows over ponds, plant-life of all kinds, floating islands, and archaeological remains that will surely awaken your ideas.

Another great space that will become your new thinking spot is Parc Laberint d’Horta. This collection of neoclassical and romantic gardens are nine hectares of pure bliss and beauty to the city. One of the most known places in the park is (as one would imagine) is its Labyrinth so, why don’t you seek new ideas while you try to find the centre of it? There, you’ll be able to admire a beautiful statue of Eros – a perfect place to take a break and just admire your surroundings. In fact, the whole park can’t be beat for anyone needing only the sounds of nature to feed their brain since it’s very peaceful and offers an ideal place to stroll, relax, and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Squares for pondering

Placa Sant Felip Neri
The ever-sombre Plaça Sant Felip Neri

If you need a much more urban space than Barcelona’s parks, we recommend you search for your inspiration in one of its squares. The meeting points and hubs for the locals. You’ll find them in all shapes, flavours and colours, going from ancient Roman and medieval squares to the most cosmopolitan and modern ones you can think of.

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is juxtaposition of a sombrely pretty square that has a tragic scar upon its history thanks to the impact the civil war left here… It’s a must-see for anyone looking for a place of reflection to generate creativity and new ideas. In fact, Gaudí himself was heading to this very same square the tragic day he was ran over by the tram on Gran Via. This square most likely was a spot for him to think, after he frequently visited the church. San Felip Neri has everything to blow your mind; history, art, peace and quiet, and beautiful surroundings. Also, it’s always interesting to know that this was one of the squares that Woody Allen chose to shoot one of the scenes of Vicky Cristina Barcelona; Scarlett Johansson grabs a bite to eat right here. Do you fancy having lunch in the same spot as her?

If you want to feel like you’ve time travelled into a real Mediterranean village in the centre of Barcelona, you can’t miss the Plaça Prim in the Poblenou district. This beautiful location used to be the centre for the fishermen of the city during the 19th century and it currently is one of the most charming locations you can visit. This secret spot hasn’t been spoiled by massive tourism yet, offering a very pleasant square surrounded by the classic white Mediterranean-style buildings in addition to beautiful orange trees. You’ll feel like you’re in an old marine village!

Arts and cultural spaces for inspiration

The Angel Gallery in Barcelona
The Angel Gallery in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best cities to embark on an unforgettable cruise to the main periods of art and design throughout history. Here you’ll find internationally renowned museums such as MNAC, MACBA, and MUHBA, but there are less known galleries that will surely surprise you even more…

Considered one of the most ground-breaking modern art galleries in the city, Angels Barcelona is a place you can’t miss if you visit the multi-cultural neighbourhood of El Raval. The gallery is located on Carrer Pintor Fortuny and offers a different (and sometimes described as “radical”) take on art. Here you’ll find a large number of short-term exhibitions from the most daring national and international artists. If you have already visited and enjoyed this experience, make sure to come back soon, because Angels Barcelona something new each time… And with new exhibits come new ideas- essentially making this a regular monthly prescribed dose of pure creativity.

It’s no coincidence that Barcelona is considered the capital of design. It’s an authentic paradise for artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. The city holds a little something for everyone, despite interests, background, or aspirations. With literally thousands of places to visit and hidden spots to discover around the city, the sky is the limit for your finding the ideal spot to inspire you. Are you ready to set your ideas free in Barcelona?

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