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Gracia is well-known for its charm, sunny squares, cafes, restaurants and terraces, small streets with little traffic and boutique shops. You can still see that Gracia used to …


Gracia is well-known for its charm, sunny squares, cafes, restaurants and terraces, small streets with little traffic and boutique shops. You can still see that Gracia used to be an independent town until the end of the 19th century. The inhabitants of this district are very proud of their roots and mostly say they are from Gracia, instead of Barcelona.

Gracia is a very diverse district, it has a high ethnic population and despite of the trendy nature, it is also a very traditional district with a large elderly population, this diversity makes it really amusing to watch the people who walk around the streets. We would like to share our favorite spots in Gracia with you!


The Gracia district hosts one of the biggest events of the year in BarcelonaFesta Major de Gracia! This big festival is held in August and turns the neighborhood into a wonderful fairy tale world. Locals compete in street decorations and they take this very seriously, you will experience an explosion of creativity! Besides the street decoration there are also many parties, live music concerts, human towers, parades and fireworks, Festa Major de Gracia is really worth a visit!


The most lively places of the district are the squares. All of the squares are full of restaurants and cafes and they are the perfect places to go for dinner or just for a drink. Virreina Square, is located near the wonderful Sant Joan church. There are 3 terraces located on this square and they are almost always full of people. In the centre of the square, you often see children playing with the ancient waterpump. You can just sit down for a while on a bench, just to watch the interesting people walk by. The Diamant Square is less crowded then the Virreina Squere, there was only one terrace, from the Diamant restaurant. This restaurant is definitely recommendable; you really get value for your money. Placa Del Sol is the most popular area of the neighborhood and definitely our favorite square! There is a very pleasant atmosphere and you can even visit nightclubs on this square.

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There is also a hidden masterpiece of Gaudi in the district Gracia, namely Casa Vincens, a house from 1888. The building is one of his first important creations and currently, it is a family residence and it is actually for sale! Unfortunately, the building is closed to visitors, but the sight is already worth a visit!

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If you want to see a spectacular elegant building, go to Casa Fuster! It´s a luxury five-star hotel, where you can have one overnight stay from about €250.  It is one of the most splendid examples of modernism and it is considered to be one of the most expensive buildings ever made in Barcelona.


In case you have a passion for cooking with ultimate fresh ingredients, you have to visit a market like Mercat de la Llibertat. This is a big inside market with all kinds of fresh food like a bread, fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. There is a busy, but cozy atmosphere in Mercat de la Llibertat, while the locals of Gracia are doing their daily groceries.

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And of course, not to forget, one of the most famous sights of Barcelona is located in Gracia: Parc Guell. Who doesn´t know this extensive garden complex with beautiful architectural elements of Gaudi? The park is a perfect place to stroll around and you have a wonderful view over the city of Barcelona from the top of the hill. We will share a secret with you; we know a special route to Parc Guell where you don´t have to walk up hill. It is a route where you can go up with escalators. Once you are up, you just have to ask the locals where Parc Guell is, because the route is so un-known, there are no signs towards the park. To find out this secret route, click here.

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Gracia is the liveliest neighborhood´s in Barcelona! It is the perfect place if you want to experience a different and real Mediterranean lifestyle while still in Barcelona. There is a great atmosphere and when you arrive in this beautiful district, it feels like you enter a whole different world. Make sure you don´t miss the biggest festival of the year: Festa Major de Gracia!

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