Of Bananas and Beaches: Water Activities in Barcelona

With a backdrop of glittering beaches, breathtaking waterways, and the sunlit mediterranean, water activities in Barcelona are some of the best in the world. Although the Barcelona beaches …


With a backdrop of glittering beaches, breathtaking waterways, and the sunlit mediterranean, water activities in Barcelona are some of the best in the world. Although the Barcelona beaches are relatively new, the sea is a constant glimmer of turquoise. Whether you enjoy lounging on the deck of a catamaran or exploring hidden depths, these water activities in Barcelona are sure to satisfy.

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Kayaks, Jetskis, and Tubing

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for good summer fun. In this celebration of motion, you and your friends can paddle around on kayaks, go waterskiing, and zoom across the water after the boat in a fantastic inner tube. Located a little ways from Barcelona in the adorable town Pineda de Mar, this activity is perfect for teammates, friends, coworkers, or family members who want a little adventure. After your safety briefing, you and your team will pile onto the banana boat, a fast-moving inner tube. Hold on tight while you bounce, glide, and laugh over the water! Then, once you’ve stopped, you can admire the incredible Costa Brava and its clear, calm water, all from the vantage point of a smooth kayak. After mastering the kayak, you and your team can go waterskiing in one of the prettiest places in Europe. Intrigued? Details here.

Romantic Massage on the Water

They say that Paris is the city of lovers, but Barcelona oozes some seriously underrated romantic charm. In this luxurious activity, get pampered with your partner as you both luxuriate in 40-minute massages on a boat in the Mediterranean. With up to eight couples on the boat, this is a great chance to enjoy your partner’s company or bring friends. Sip Spanish champagne and eat tapas, or else dive into the glittering turquoise sea with your love. This sparkling activity is bottled magic. Interested? Go here for more information.


Scuba Diving

Water activities in Barcelona run the gamut from sporty to relaxing, but one that isn’t to be missed is scuba diving off the coast. If you’ve always wanted to get your scuba certification, this is the chance to do it, and in the clearest and most beautiful water you’ve ever seen. The class is divided into a theory class and a practice one. Because the course is officially taught and recognized by PADI experts, your certification will be good all over the world. By the time you strap on your fins, don a regulator, and take your first breaths underwater, you’ll have a pretty good grasp on what to expect. Dart amongst the fish, octopi, and all the other ethereal creatures that live in the Mediterranean sea. With your newly-acquired knowledge, you can drift amidst the seaweed, reveling in the thrill of seeing the world you’ve always wanted to.

Night Canyoning

Maybe you’re a little over the beach, or you can’t find something thrilling enough to hold your attention. Well, don’t worry: night canyoning is one of the most amazing water activities in Barcelona, and you can do it right here. Armed with a headlamp and outfitted in a wetsuit, you and your crew will explore pitch-dark caves, caverns, and waterfalls, finding new ways to push yourselves. Rock-climbing, cave-diving, exploration—this activity has it all, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you live for the thrill of adrenaline, then this activity is for you.

Catamaran Cruise for 2

While the bustle of Barcelona is exciting, sometimes it’s nice to sneak away to visit a lesser-known village. That goes double for couples, who may be trying to become absorbed in an activity all their own. After a train ride to the town of Santa Susana, you and your love will board a catamaran. There, you can admire the shining water, quaint homes, and striking architecture of the town as you revel in the boat you have all to yourselves. Rediscover your partner while you admire the striking village. Then, once the catamaran ride is over, you can kick back by the water with a mojito or five. Interested? Details here.

The Catalan capital is equally impressive by sea as by land. Unwinding with water activities in Barcelona is a surefire way to spiff up any visit to Spain’s hottest city, no matter how long you’re there for. Have you done any water activities in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!

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