On Adventure: Outdoor Summer Activities in Barcelona

Open yourself up to adventure with one of these dazzling outdoor summer activities in Barcelona! Do you live for the thrill that comes with a brand-new escapade? Barcelona …


Open yourself up to adventure with one of these dazzling outdoor summer activities in Barcelona! Do you live for the thrill that comes with a brand-new escapade? Barcelona in the summer is a Mediterranean paradise flush with cool breezes, hot nightlife, and enthralling new sports to try. Whether you love swimming or taking to the skies, you’re sure to find something on this list that excites you.

1) Scuba Diving on the Costa Brava

There are few outdoor summer activities in Barcelona as incredible and surreal as scuba diving. How amazing is it that you can strap on a wetsuit, an oxygen tank, and a mask, and find yourself breathing in the world under the sea? Here in Barcelona, you can explore the sparkling clear water and exotic wildlife of the Costa Brava, Catalunya’s world-famous coast. The experience includes a theory class, a pool test session, and an actual dive in the Mediterranean. Learn to appreciate the hidden blue world that thrives beneath the surface of the water, all right here.


2) Skydiving

Maybe exploring what lies beneath the waves isn’t exactly your thing. What about what’s up in the clouds? With this amazing skydiving activity, you can discover the spine-tingling sensation of exhilaration as you free-fall over the Costa Brava and towards the ground from 12,500 feet. After an expert safety briefing, your pilot will fly you over the Costa Brava to enjoy to views of Empuriabrava and the Bay of Roses. When he or she gives the all-clear signal, you’ll leap from the plane and let gravity work its magic while you spin into sixty seconds of an incredible free fall. Once you’ve pulled open your parachute, you will have five minutes to float above the Costa Brava, reveling in the rush from your newest adventure. Thrill-seekers, risk-takers, this one is for you!

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3) Parasailing

Hurtling out of an airplane isn’t your style, so how about taking a gentler a bird’s-eye view of Barcelona? In this parasailing activity, you can still soar up amongst the clouds while gazing down at turquoise water and the exquisite Barcelona coastline. After you board the boat, your captain will fit you into your harness, and once you’re out to sea, it’s time to fly. You’ll take off from the boat itself, watching with awe as the rope unspools to 150 meters and you drift above the rest of the world. As far as outdoor summer activities in Barcelona go, this one is equal parts lovely and exhilarating, and is not one to be missed.


4) Bungee Jumping

You’ve seen it on TV, and you’ve heard friends and co-workers reference it casually. But have you ever actually been bungee jumping? This no-frills, can’t-miss adventure is a must for any adrenaline junkie or daring soul, and it’s one of the coolest ways to spend an afternoon in Barcelona. After a quick safety briefing, you’ll climb up to the top of a sixty-five meter crane, where you’ll have only a moment to look down at the model-sized city of Barcelona before the plunge. As adrenaline prickles through your veins, you’ll experience a rush unlike anything you’ve tried before, one that will make you want to go again and again. Sound awesome? Learn more and book your experience here.


5) Flyboarding

Have you ever dreamed of flying, Superman-style? With this brand-new activity, that’s exactly what you’ll do. Flyboarding is an incredible new craze that involves a water-powered tool designed to lift its user up high. You step into a wakeboard-esque board, which rockets up when propelled by twin jets of water that come out of the bottom, propelling its wearer three to six meters into the air. Once you’ve mastered balancing, you can dance, move, and pose for pictures—you’ll want them. It’s an excellent way to feel like a superhero, and even better when combined with other water activities like kayaking or sailing. Book your activity here to start flying as soon as you can.

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6) Sailing

One of the most classic outdoor summer activities in Barcelona is surely one of the best: an afternoon sailing on the Costa Brava. Guided by your skipper, you and your friends can explore the gorgeous blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. If you prefer to stay central in Barcelona, there is also an option for you! After leaving from Port Olímpic and the golden fishing district of Barceloneta, you and your crew can take charge of the sailboat. This activity is perfect for anyone who loves the water and an afternoon out in the sun. Plus, whether you’re a novice or an accomplished sailor, there’s nothing like looking out at the sunlit city of Barcelona and the sparkling sea from the vantage point of a sailing adventure.


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