Reasons to Take a Cooking Class in Barcelona

Ready to unlock your masterchef potential? Check out a cooking class in Barcelona. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Spain, then you’ll know that Spanish food has …


Ready to unlock your masterchef potential? Check out a cooking class in Barcelona.

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Spain, then you’ll know that Spanish food has a way of finding your heart. Maybe you first fell in love with the melted manchego cheese and jamón serrano of a tapa; maybe it was churros con chocolate. Either way, Spanish cuisine is some of the best in the world, and Catalan cuisine is especially spectacular. If you’re looking to recreate some of the trip magic at home, then why not take a cooking class in Barcelona?


A cooking class in Barcelona would be amazing for your taste buds. Last year, Catalonia was named the 2016 European Region of Gastronomy, and the food in stunning restaurants like Agust Gastrobar proves that the label is deserved. If you’re a foodie who loves testing the way different flavors fit together, then a Spanish cooking class or a paella cooking class would be a wonderful way to enjoy Barcelona. If you spend hours experimenting in the kitchen, you’ll enjoy learning a new recipe; if your cooking skills need refining, then you’ll benefit from the instruction of a trained chef.

Our Spanish cooking class in Barcelona begins with an introduction to the ingredients, including an explanation on the origin of each one. While your chef instructor breaks down the facts, you’ll understand how and why food exists as it does in Catalonia and Spain. Then, once you’ve put on your aprons, it’s time for the fun. With help from the head chef and your classmates, you’ll work to put together a competition-level feast. Plus, once the class is over, you’ll get to eat the food you’ve worked hard to make. What could be better?


While cooking may involve a series of steps impossible to skip, there’s an element of creativity to following each recipe! Slicing onions and figuring out exactly how much lemon juice to add involves imagination. There’s joy to building something from a handful of ingredients. Plus, in today’s fast-paced, data-driven world, more and more people work at jobs with little in the way of a tangible product. Sure, you may have increased sales by a certain percent or balanced out a budget, and that’s something to be proud of—but using your hands to make food you can taste or touch is a whole different feeling.

If you take one of our cooking classes in Barcelona, you can transform an ordinary class into a fun, low-key team-building event. Check out options like our blindfolded cooking class or even our cooking and communications class, where you and your partner have to explain the next steps in the process as clearly as possible. It’s fun, funny, and a great way to bond.


Of course, the best part about taking a cooking class in Barcelona isn’t the tasty food or the creative angle of the fun: it’s the culture behind it. Every time you learn to cook a new food, you engage with the culture that comes with it. With a talented chef to explain the significance of each ingredient you use, you’ll walk away from the course with a better understanding of Spain, and of Barcelona in particular. This kind of understanding will make a different sort of memory than the ones you have outside the monuments; this memory will be tactile and tasty. You’ll remember making the meal, of course, but also eating it, laughing with your friends, and enjoying local wine. And you’ll be happy to think of other people in the same city, people who were raised on these foods you’ve just discovered. In that moment, food will connect you.

Taking a cooking class in Barcelona is a fun, interesting activity perfect for anyone looking to unlock creative potential, learn more about Spanish culture, or eat delicious food. Have you ever taken a cooking class in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments!

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