Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona

Food has been central to human interaction for aeons, and there is no better way to spend a night in Barcelona with your partner than dining out at …

Four romantic restaurants in Barcelona

Food has been central to human interaction for aeons, and there is no better way to spend a night in Barcelona with your partner than dining out at an intimate and cushy restaurant. The Catalonia region is a gourmet powerhouse of Spain, and Barcelona is its capital, so wining and dining somebody here is an easy way to captivate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive either, we’ll be taking a look at romantic restaurants across a variety of price ranges… Love is free after all!


Famen Restaurant Interior
Cosy and inviting interior at Famen

Found in the peaceful and residential district of Gracia. Don’t let the name fool you (Famen means Famine in Latin) because Famen offers an intimate atmosphere with soft lighting that’s ideal for couples. The menu is modern and creative with light hints of Asian cuisine throughout. One of the quirks of this restaurant is that the owner -José Manuel García- is also the head chef, and you can tell that he has put his heart and soul into every bite. Depending on how much you order here, a la carte will cost you around €20 – €30 per person… Psst… Don’t tell your partner but you can get a hefty discount by reserving your visit online here… Just between us, okay?

Visit at Carrer Ramis, 2-4 – Metro station Fontana.


Minamo restaurant and butterfly show
Minamo dining experience includes shows with butterflies

Disclaimer: This one is not cheap. With that said, dinner time here will most definitely blow away your significant other. It is one of the few restaurants in the city that offers a dinnertime experience – an audiovisual experience that invites guests through an encounter with Asian music, lighting, special effects like snow, action, and of course; food. Of course, that’s not the mention the hundreds of delicate and gorgeous colourful butterflies that light-heartedly drift and form part of the décor in the butterfly garden. Remember that disclaimer? Well the super-exclusive dinners here are only offered via set menus, think of it more like a “ticket” than a menu, which are currently €98 per person.

This experience can be had on Carrer del Consell de Cent, 360 – Metro station Girona.

La Fibula

Stunning Moroccan décor  at Fibula
Stunning Moroccan décor at Fibula

If atmosphere is what you’re after then Fibula certainly delivers. This Moroccan restaurant boasts a warm, intimate, and romantic décor with delicious food to go with it. It´s also among the lowest in price on the list with a set menu at just €17.50 per person. If you want to go a la carte it will roughly cost you between €17 – €25 per person.

Find it on Carrer de Blai, 46 – Metro station Poble Sec or Parallel.

Il Mercante di Venezia

Il Mercante di Venezia in Barcelona
Il Mercante di Venezia Interior with Venetian Pizazz

How about some good honest and wholesome Italian food in a Venetian themed restaurant? Multiple draping curtains adorn the locale faintly lit by the mellow golden glow from the lighting, all accompanied by authentic Italian cuisine. It’s always a good sign when you enter an Italian restaurant and see a traditional meat slicer, because you can almost taste the prosciutto and cured meats. So, while you’re here it’s the perfect time to share a dish together, like a pizza, or re-enact that famous scene from ‘Lady and the Tramp‘.

Located on Carrer de Josep Anselm Clavé, 11 – Metro station Drassanes.

With four great restaurants like these, there should be nothing stopping you from freeing up an evening to enjoy the company of your sweetheart. Whether you want to pay a little or a lot, whichever restaurant you choose is bound to deliver a special night out that puts an extra bit of spice to your romantic night out… With a bit of luck, it will be a night to remember.

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