Sand, Sun, and Smoothies: Spring Activities in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the flowers are blooming, the leaves are gently budding on the trees, and you’re ready to escape your frozen homeland for the sweet sangria and sparkling …


In Barcelona, the flowers are blooming, the leaves are gently budding on the trees, and you’re ready to escape your frozen homeland for the sweet sangria and sparkling waters of Spain. If you’re searching for some excellent spring activities in Barcelona, we’ve got the best ones right here.

Parc del Laberint d’Horta

This little park is one of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets. Situated just a short walk from Park Guell, its stunning waterfalls, ethereal fountains, and lovely flowers make an afternoon here look a lot like an afternoon in heaven. As it was built in the eighteenth century for the Marquis Desvall, the Parc del Laberint d’Horta is the oldest park in Barcelona. This location holds both a traditional garden and a romantic one. It’s dotted all the way through with sculptures based on figures from Greek mythology, including a stunning pavilion dedicated to the nine muses. The amusements of the park culminate in the eponymous labyrinth of hedges. As far as spring activities in Barcelona go, this one is a standout.


Park Güell

Sure, the salamander is world-famous. But that doesn’t mean that a visit to Park Güell isn’t going to be a trip highlight, and in fact a visit is high on the list of best spring activities in Barcelona. Set on a hillside with a stirring view of the Barcelona skyline and the sea, Park Güell is Antoni Gaudí’s love letter to a sparkling city. With unforgettable tree-trunk columns, buildings plucked out of Wonderland, and, yes, the famous mosaic salamander, Park Güell is a special place for a picnic. Bring a couple of bocadillos and camp out on the stone-studded benches while you admire the view—and be sure to get as many selfies as you can with the salamander.

Cable Car up to Montjüic

If you want to do a little less walking and a little more sightseeing, then you can’t go wrong with a cable car adventure. Gaze down at the Sagrada Familia and the port as you soar above the buildings! Of all of the spring activities in Barcelona, this one is perfect for those with children, who will love watching the ground fall away as you rise into the air. Admire the imposing and beautiful Montjüic castle as you rise to meet it! Best of all, Montjüic Castle is within walking distance of Poble Espanyol, the Fundació Joan Miró, and the Olympic Stadium.

ingang la boqueria

Smoothies at La Boqueria

For a quick morning or afternoon snack, head to Barcelona’s most well-known and beloved market, La Boqueria. There, amongst the grocery, chocolatier, and restaurant stalls, you’ll find fruit stalls with fresh-squeezed juice for anywhere between one and two euros. This juice is some of the tastiest in the city, and sipping it while you stroll through the bustling stalls is an adventure for the senses.

Walk along the beach

This spring activity in Barcelona might be a simple one, but it’s one of the loveliest: take a walk along the beach. While the weather might not get warm enough for swimming until at least May—and many Barcelona natives may eschew it until June—the pretty white-sand beaches can be a welcome break from the rush of the city. Pack a lunch and enjoy a treat beside the waves.

Enjoy a Café Con Leche at Café de la Pedrera

While he lived in Barcelona, Gaudi constructed three fabulous houses: Casa Batlló, Casa Milá, and the controversial drip-castle building of La Pedrera. Known for its striking exterior, La Pedrera stands as a testament to Gaudí on one of the finest streets in Barcelona. It also has the distinction of being one of the only Gaudi houses that still has a few tenants living in the homes near the top. And, if you’d like to, you can enjoy a café con leche inside. The Café de la Pedrera boasts delicious coffee, snacks, and the thrill of sitting in a world crafted by the most famous architect in the country. While you eat, you can admire the cluster of high-end stores that stretch along the street.

The statue of Columbus points out to sea, inviting exploration.
The statue of Columbus points out to sea, inviting exploration.

Walking Tour

As the last of our list of spring activities in Barcelona, we maintain that nothing beats a walking tour. Barcelona holds lots of exciting stories in every corner, so it’s an ideal candidate for a morning or afternoon spent traipsing after an expert, learning the context of each block and building. If you’re hoping to step into the past, why not try a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter? This exciting tour combines myth with history in an exploration of what it was like to live in the city hundreds of years ago. If you’d like a tour with a little more activity, you should check out the smart phone photography tour. On this little adventure, you’ll get instructions in photography from your expert guide while you snap photos of landmarks. Or, if you’re looking to combine lunch with a walk, we recommend the tapas tour. Led by your guide, you’ll wander through La Boqueria, Las Ramblas, and the Gothic Quarter while you taste some of the most delectable bites of Spanish cuisine in the city—all while enjoying the sunshine.

Spring activities in Barcelona abound, but some of the greatest ones are the simplest. Searching for things to do in Barcelona? Whether you enjoy strolling along the beach or chowing down on tapas at an amazing local bar, you’re sure to find something in this city that suits both the weather and you.

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