Special gifts from Barcelona

This week I visited some fascinating local stores in Barcelona in order to find unique souvenirs and gifts. I was looking for the less touristic pieces, especially because …


This week I visited some fascinating local stores in Barcelona in order to find unique souvenirs and gifts. I was looking for the less touristic pieces, especially because I’m not into all the city magnets and cups things. I prefer to purchase something with a spirit and real thought behind it.

I love the possibility to travel and experience various cultures. I always write down my “travel records” in a small diary and they are never only about the museums visited and gardens seen but also about food tasted and shopping done. I always aim to bring a piece of the destination with me, something that would evoke the special moments from the trip back home.

Please, allow me to share the findings with you and take you to some of the most authentic and unique shops in Barcelona that provide these special pieces.

Casa Gispert – Delicatessen
Calle dels Sombrerers 23

Casa Gispert has been operating for a century and a half and still has the same old original oven toasting the best tasting nuts. I enjoyed the special atmosphere of a traditional store and even tried some of the products (I could eat kilograms of these treats!) before buying them.
One of the staff members proudly showed me the oven and pointed out its age, almost 200 years. The variety is huge, from basic nuts and chocolates to wines, jams and organic foods. I´m sure every one of you would find something from Casa Gispert to pack for a return flight.


casa gisper





La Lentejuela

Placa de la Llana 7

In La Lentejuala you can find variety of unique and exclusive clothes, accessories, home decor and make-up essentials. The store is owned by two friends, Cyntia and Marina, who have passion for fashion and make-up. The girls are happy to have a little chat with every client and help them choose the best suitable products. They do have the sense of style! I tried on some funky sun glasses and rings and would definitely be back to buy them.







Fet Amb Love
Passeig del Born 2fet amb love

Fet Amb Love means “Done with love” and I believe that. It is a nice little hand-made jewellery and accessories store located in the hearth of Barcelona, in front of the Santa Maria del Mar church. It is well worth a look if looking for cute and special pieces. The store is pretty small but has many interesting cute objects. I would pick some sweet broaches.


Cafes el Magnifico
Argenteria 64

Cafes el Magnifico is a family business that has been operating already for three generations. Now, it is owned by Salvador Sans whose grandfather opened the store in 1919. I was able to have a little talk with Salvador and he told me that his family lived just the next door to the store, so he is really attached to the neighborhood. The beans are roasted 2-3 times a week for you to enjoy fresh and tasty coffee right at the place. Soon, the store will start reconstruction and there will be more chairs and tables. The clients can choose and buy a package of over 30 kinds of coffee beans from carefully chosen providers. Salvador told me that they visit most of their partners and know exactly where the products come from. This is the place for real coffee lovers and you won´t want to go
back to the industrial coffee!

el magnifico 2

el magnifico sans

el magnifico






Sans i sans
Argenteria 59

Sans i sans is a store just the opposite of Cafes el Magnifico and is owned by the same family. There you can choose from 350 kinds of teas to please any taste.

Careria Subira
Baixada de la Llibreteria 7

Careria Subira is dedicated to making candles and accessories in wax. Professional staff and high quality raw material ensure that the customers get guaranteed best products. The items don´t produce smoke and are tested to secure its functionality and durability. Lovely salesperson told me that it is the oldest existing candle shop in Barcelona and was founded in 1761. The luxurious furniture and decorations are from 1847! I spend more than 20 minutes smelling and wondering the candles with special design and appeal. This is certainly a present/souvenir most of you wouldn´t want to miss.

careria subira2


careria subira






Taller Antic
Carrer de la Princesa 14
http://tallerantic.com/taller antic

Imagine to open the doors to the jewellery and accessories form the two (three) last centuries. In Taller Antic you will be able to find elegant and beautiful silver pins, Art Deco brooches, little bottles for perfumes, earrings, rings, bracelets… The list goes on. I fell in love with some spectacular earrings and could feel myself like a lady from 1800 century! If looking for memorable and stunning pieces from Barcelona, you must visit Taller Antic.

All of the stores mentioned above are located in el Born, close to city center. I thought it would be easy for you to do the necessary souvenir shopping in just one area but couldn´t miss one special place a bit further.

Mas Bacus
Carrer d’Enric Granados 68

Mas Bascus is an open air space where the visitors can browse, enjoy glass of wine, ask questions and be advised about the most suitable product according to their price-quality ratio. I talked to a chef/staff member, Violette, and got to know that all the products come from small partners and can´t be found in super markets. Let´s say you have a dinner with specific menu and want the best suitable wine for it. Well, professional staff of Mas Bascus will gladly help.

The store has been operating since 1989 in the centre of Barcelona. Apart from wines, the shop offers beers, cavas and other gastronomic products such as cheese, foie, oil, olives etc. Violette told me that the clients can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the place. Everything is prepared using only the best fresh ingredients to ensure the great taste and originality. The best aspect is that you can buy the product in Mas Bascus and also get it wrapped. It is the perfect place for gift hunt and new experiences.

mas-bacusmas bacus 2





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