Stunning beaches for a day out from Barcelona

August is coming to an end and with it an official ‘farewell for now‘ to Summer. That doesn’t mean you have to part way with the beaches though, …

Peaceful beaches near Barcelona accessible via public transport

August is coming to an end and with it an official ‘farewell for now‘ to Summer. That doesn’t mean you have to part way with the beaches though, not by a long shot, because in Barcelona bathing season lasts until October! There is still plenty of time to enjoy sun, sea, and sand in the Catalan capital.

With that said, the city beaches can feel a little crowded for some. At times we simply need somewhere a tad less crowded, and at others the charm is heading to the coast to experience nature at its most raw and refreshing. Both are a big feat to try to achieve on Barcelona’s urban beaches, so here’s a proposal; take a step out of the city and experience the seaside offerings of the neighbouring coastlines. Here are some suggestions.

Waikiki beach (Cala Fonda)

Cala Fonda (Waikiki Beach, Tarragona)
Cala Fonda (Waikiki Beach, Tarragona)

Waikiki beach. Doesn’t sound Catalan or Spanish, does it? The secludedness of this place meant that some of the younger locals back in the 1930s jokingly founded the “Republic of Waikiki” here as a secret ‘club’ of sorts to savour in the beauty of nature. Or so they say, it could be a reference to Hawaii (or both)! Either way, the name has firmly stuck.

Waikiki boasts unspoilt fine golden sands and steep cliffs adorned with greenery amongst pure nature. Due to the fact that it is an isolated beach there are no services here. Its secluded nature mixed with semi-ease of access means that it only attracts those in the know. Yet, it never gets crowded. For this reason, some visitors choose to practice naturism here.

How to get there

So how do you get to this secluded gem? You’ll can to make a day out of it! Hop on a RENFE Express or high-speed Talgo train from Barcelona-Sants to Tarragona and then take bus number 12 from near station and enter Las Palmeras Campsite. The journey to here takes about an hour. The rest is enjoyed through a relaxing northbound walk amidst forest seascapes via the stunning Punta de la Mora woodlands. You’ll soon see Waikiki cove shyly peak from below at a gorgeous viewpoint above… Welcome to Paradise.

Platja de Castelldefels

Platja de Castelldefels
Castelldefels Beach is so wide, you’ll easily find a quiet spot for yourself

How about something a little closer to home? This may not be like the wild beaches of the Costa Brava, but if you’re looking for an alternative urban beach to Barcelona then Castelldefels is probably choice number one. This huge beach is easy to access through public transport, is less crowded, and has a number of activities!

Huge is no understatement, Platja de Castelldefels totals at almost 5 km in length with a width of 90m more or less. All 120 acres of beachland means that you’ll always be able to find a spot to relax and sunbathe calmly. Perhaps one of the more unique things about this beach though is the availability of so many water-activities, including kitesurfing, windsurfing, and even flyboarding.

How to get there

Getting here is very simple, the local R2 train will take you from various stations in Barcelona (Estació de Sants and França are the most frequent) to a station called Platja de Castelldefels, just a 2-minute walk from the beach itself.

Platja de Ponent (and other beaches in Premia del Mar)

Plajta de Ponent, Premia de Mar
Plajta de Ponent, Premia de Mar – Noticably urban, but without the urban crowds

One beach that’s rated well amongst locals thanks to its low occupation rate is Platja de Ponent in Premia de Mar. It’s the southern most beach in the town, so people usually stop to relax somewhere before reaching this point making it even more tranquil. These fine sands stretch a modest 300m with a width between 10 and 20m, and calm waters throughout. There are public services like showers and toilets all along the Premia de Mar coastline, which also includes platjas Descàrrega, del l’Os, Bellamar, and the famous Llevant (disabled access).

How to get there

Arriving by train is a breeze, in fact when you get off the under 40 minute R1 RENFE train journey from Barcelona at Premia de Mar, you’ll be right by the busier Platja Bellamar. You can enjoy a pleasant 5 minute stroll along the coastline. Despite evidently being an urban beach, the unadulterated solitude means that it’s almost heavenly to just be here.

Notable mentions

Montgat Beach - A great quick escape from Barcelona
At only 30 mins, it’s a great quick escape from Barcelona

There are of course many other beaches that you will want to check out. If you don’t fancy straying too far from Barcelona, the neighbouring city of Badalona features some great beaches. A brisk 30 minute train ride away is Montgat – a small town great for sightseeing – followed by El Masnou – with its great choice between bars and buffets around the marina area. Both of these areas are great alternatives to the capital and you can easily spend a day out in each.

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