Swashbuckling for Beginners: Fencing in Barcelona

Ever find yourself wishing you could step right into a swashbuckling adventure? You can—by fencing in Barcelona. Intense costumes, quick motions, the ring of steel on steel—there’s no …


Ever find yourself wishing you could step right into a swashbuckling adventure? You can—by fencing in Barcelona.

Intense costumes, quick motions, the ring of steel on steel—there’s no sport like fencing, and here at Lifestyle Barcelona we’re thrilled to announce a spectacular new event. Starting this week, our customers will be able to select the Barcelona Fencing Experience, a brand-new activity designed with the help of an international fencing champion. Interested in fencing in Barcelona? Grab your sneakers, a foil, and a sense of adventure!

History of Fencing in Spain

While people hitting each other with sharp objects has been around about as long as people have, many don’t realize that the birthplace of modern fencing is actually Spain. Known throughout history for military prowess, fencing became a “scientific art” in the fifteenth century in Spain. It was shortly after dueling became illegal that swordsman Diego Valera wrote The Treatise of Arms. This book is considered the first book about fencing form of its kind, and in its wake, people began to study and write about swordplay in a way that they hadn’t before. Spain’s storied armies carried fencing to other countries, including Italy. There, fencing developed as an art, with people coming from all over the world to study the intricacies of fighting. As time went on, the art of fencing began to be considered a sport, and it became recognized internationally. Now, fencing in Barcelona is one way to connect the sport back to its roots.


Barcelona Fencing Experience Today

Today, fencing is of course a sport practiced in several countries. The rigorous technique and lightning-quick movements may make the idea of studying fencing an intimidating one, but don’t worry—here in Barcelona, you can spend a magical morning learning the fencing basics. This intro class is taught by a European fencing champion and expert, and is held at the Barcelona National Center for Fencing. Excellent for individuals or groups of up to twenty-five, the class has a fun vibe, becoming more competitive as it progresses. Fencing in Barcelona is a bright, fun way to explore the past in a modern environment. If you’re searching for things to do or team-building activities in Barcelona, this class is for you.

Fencing Activity: The Breakdown

Turns out, fencing in Barcelona begins like most exercise classes do: with stretches. First, the group begins with a quick warm-up, which involves stretching muscles that don’t normally see a lot of use. After getting used to some of the motions, the guide will lead the group through a brief history of fencing, highlighting important teachers and the art’s relevance in Spain in particular. Then it’s time for etiquette. Fencing isn’t cartoon sword fighting; there are rules to the sport, just like there are rules in football. Once the group has gotten the gist of the history and etiquette, the instructor will outline the basic steps. Finally, it’s time for everyone to grab a foil and a partner and practice! With the instructor’s help, the entire group will work on their footwork and enjoy the rush of actually getting to fence. The last part of the class? An actual competition, where the members of the class fight for the coveted top spot. This thrilling, adventurous class is not to be missed, and it’s one of the most unique activities in Barcelona.

With its cobblestone streets and charming alleys colored with centuries of history, this city is one of the best places in the world to test out swordplay. If you’re interested in fencing in Barcelona, get more details by emailing here.

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