The Dream Experience: Revisited

What’s your dream experience? What activity makes you shiver, grin, or want to work hard enough to get it the moment you think of it? Everybody has one …


What’s your dream experience? What activity makes you shiver, grin, or want to work hard enough to get it the moment you think of it?

Everybody has one adventure on which they’d like to embark. We know, because last year we went out on the streets of Barcelona and asked strangers to tell us exactly what they dreamed of doing, writing down their dreams for the world to see. Maybe your dream experience is a starlit evening aboard an exclusive boat, complete with an incredible dinner beneath the open sky. Or maybe you want to surprise someone special with a totally surprising, personalized flash mob? Or tour the world, publish a book, become a college professor, help someone give birth, parachute over the Amazon… There are an infinite combination of incredible possibilities, with each experience more amazing than the last.

Well, last year, Lifestyle Barcelona held a contest through social media: we wanted to give someone their dream experience! Hundreds of people tweeted, Facebook’d, and emailed in to tell us the activity they craved, and we read them all to find the coolest and most original entry. While we found a lot of wonderful dream experiences, only one would win his or her dream experience, right here in Barcelona.

The winning entry belonged to a young Portuguese guy named Claudio, who had one wish: he wanted to go skydiving over Barcelona, where he could see the city and the Costa Brava from thousands of feet up in the air. Last Friday, it finally happened!

In this breathtaking video, we get to see Claudio go from an excited, earthbound guy to one soaring through the wide-open sky.

Claudio arrives on the scene with a big smile, clearly thrilled as one of the instructors asks where he’s from and how he did the trip. After a safety briefing, he and the instructors and other skydivers crowd into the plane to make the ascent up to 15,000 feet. There, the atmosphere hums with nervous energy as everyone waits, the thrill of anticipation visible on their faces. Claudio grins, posing for goofy pictures with others with the others right up until the last moment, when he and his instructor go flying out the side of the plane.

And it is flying! Watching the two of them, it looks like they’re surfing through the air rather than just falling with style, each of them beaming. That’s what we love, here at Lifestyle Barcelona: you can see the exact moment Claudio’s dream comes to life. His face is lit up for the duration of the video, but when they soar out of the plane, spinning through air in the one-minute freefall, he is laughing and yelling and alive. He stays that way all the way through to the ground, when he and his instructor land safely on green grass and each of them are giddy with adrenaline and relief and happiness.

That’s what dreams do. Wanting something isn’t enough; you’ve got to go out and find a way to get to the thing that you want. If the thing you want is a promotion, maybe it means staying longer and working smarter; if you’re dreaming of a vacation to someplace like Madrid or Barcelona, maybe it means looking at budget airlines and figuring out accommodations. It means picking a weekend to take the trip, finding someone to watch the dog, and heading off on your adventure! Remember, dreaming is about doing. If not, as writer Shonda Rhimes says, “you are blue-skying your life,” or dreaming, dreaming, dreaming without doing anything to make your dreams come true.

At Lifestyle Barcelona, we hope that we can be as decisive, brave, and optimistic as our friend Claudio: excited about our dream experiences and ready to take the steps necessary to make them happen.

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