The Labyrinth Park

Last week I went with a friend to the Labyrinth Park of Horta which is the oldest of its kind in Barcelona. To get there we took the …


Last week I went with a friend to the Labyrinth Park of Horta which is the oldest of its kind in Barcelona. To get there we took the green line (L3) and got out at the metro stop Mundet. From there it is just a five minutes’ walk.

Because the park is situated a bit out of town and lies on a hill we could see the sea and had a fantastic view over the city when we arrived.

We climbed up the stairs and submerged into this fairytale like park. There was no noise from cars audible and children were playing around. The actual labyrinth was situated in the back of the garden. We passed the palace of the Desvall family whose head Joan Antoni Desvalls i d’Ardena began to create the park in the 18th century. It features neoarabic and neogothic elements which made us feel like we had bben transported back into another century, and then we saw it. The labyrinth spread out in front of us.

We entered the labyrinth passing below a cypress tree arch. We weren’t sure if elves and nymphs would be coming out of their hiding places to fly around us or if we should be scared that Jean-Baptiste Grenouille would chase us to get our smell to create the perfect perfume. Grenouille is the main actor of the motion picture “Perfume – The Story of a Murderer” from which some scenes were shot right here. The film is based on the bestseller book “Perfume” of German author Patrick Süskind. But we were lucky, we saw none of them.

If you think that a labyrinth is just fun for children you are wrong. Before entering it we thought that it would be quite easy to find our way out but we were proven wrong. Let’s go left. Okay, now to the right side. Didn’t we already see this girl with her boyfriend? Yeah. Okay, let’s go right again. Well, that’s the entrance, not the exit. Let’s start again. Left, right, right, left. Hmm. There was the couple again, and we still haven’t found the exit!! Ah, look there, let’s go this way. And then we had our first feeling of success. We got to the Eros statue which stood in the middle of a small square. From there, there left eight ways. One of them lead you to the exit. Which one should we try? This one? Let’s go. Right, left, left. Eros again. Let’s take this one. Left, right, straight on. Wait, I can see something. Go on. Right, left, left. And suddenly there was nothing around us, no trees. In front of us we saw a small fountain with the nymph in the backgrund. The exit. We finally did it!

We then climbed up a beautiful set of stairs, arrived above we had an amazing view over the labyrinth and could see other people straying around. Around the labyrinth there were laying some really nice gardens, a neoclassical and a romantic one. They are really worth a visit when you are there.

On Wednesdays and Sundays the labyrinth entrance is for free!
Let’s get lost!

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