Welcoming Summer: The Lifestyle Barcelona Way

These past few months the office has been buzzing as we gear up for the hot Barcelona summer. Clients have been traveling to this historic city from places …


These past few months the office has been buzzing as we gear up for the hot Barcelona summer. Clients have been traveling to this historic city from places as far as Egypt, India, the United States, Lebanon, and many more in order to experience all that this city has to offer- and they are looking to experience it with us! Lifestyle Barcelona offers over 300 fun and unusual activities around the city and the region of Catalonia. In May, Lifestyle Barcelona planned dozens of activities and excursions for clients who were all looking for a once in a lifetime experience. Activities tailored for the active adrenaline junkie or the laid back wine connoisseur, we have what you are looking for!

With Barcelona being located on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, our clients had the opportunity to take advantage of the warm sunny days and explore the blue waters. An exclusive sailboat tour was the perfect getaway for a group that wanted to see what was beyond the coast. This exclusive tour allows you to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Barcelona coast line, or take a dip in the beautiful blue waters with your family and friends!
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For the more adventurous explorers, Lifestyle Barcelona has organized a package of activities out on the water. You can choose to scuba dive, take a banana boat ride, try the hoverboard or flyboard, or speed around on a jet ski! Our clients enjoyed a day out on the water, exploring and taking a hand at these fun and unusual modes of transportation. We are lucky enough to partner with some great scuba instructors who always make you feel safe, comfortable, and ready to enjoy the splendors of the sea! As stated by our clients Mr. and Mrs. Véber, “our instructor, Antoni was really kind and professional. It was easy to learn how to scuba dive and enjoy the activity. The beach was absolutely stunning under and above the water too”!

Those looking to explore the lands of this beautiful region of Spain opted for our on ground experiences. However, not everyone remained on land! Some groups enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the mountains, beaches, and landscapes by sailing away on a paragliding, skydiving, or bungee jumping excursion! These adrenaline filled activities took everyone’s breaths away and left many hearts racing.

Other land activities included exploring the caves in our potholing experience or a private horse riding tour of the lush forests overlooking the city. Speaking of the city, the night owls could get a taste of what this city has to offer after dark. Starting with a cocktail making class, the group then moves on to get a VIP nightclub experience full of great music, dancing, and exclusive amenities!

After a night out on the town, some relaxation is key! Our clients were treated to some therapeutic and unwinding activities that included a chocolate massage, a flotation tank session, or a peaceful tour of the Catalonian vineyards.

Overall, these past few months have been a success and we look forward to a booming summer! Many activities new and old were explored by our clients who were left satisfied and amazed by the beautiful city and the work of Lifestyle Barcelona!

So, which excursion will you choose?

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