Barcelona Nightlife: The Hottest Places to Spend the Scorching BCN Nights

Barcelona is a city known for its music, beautiful people, and nighlife. What better way to get the all around Spanish experience than by enjoying some of the best nightlife the city has to offer? With clubs located all over the city, it might make...

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Barcelona is a city known for its music, beautiful people, and nighlife. What better way to get the all around Spanish experience than by enjoying some of the best nightlife the city has to offer? With clubs located all over the city, it might make you dizzy picking the best one to visit. Giving you a taste of what this coastal city has to offer, this guide gets you started on becoming the Barcelona party pro.

Ice Bar

When things start to heat up, the sea isn´t the only place you can cool down. Here in Barcelona, we have our very own Ice Bar that doesn´t leave anybody cold hearted. Grab an insulated jacket and enter the only bar in the city made of ice! Enjoy cold drinks served in ice cups and hang out in an infectiously exciting atmoshpere. Paired with some chill music, this is your go to spot for a cool experience, gearing you up to take on the Barcelona nightlife.


This exclusive nightclub has been graced by the presence of swanky celebrities including Girard Pique, Paris Hilton, and Javier Bardem. A Barcelona hot spot, this club will have you feeling like a star. Surrounded by a mixture of the foreign and native in-crowd, this club is the place to be and the place to be seen at! You can dance the night away on the dancefloor or opt for a VIP table if you´re feeling extra fancy. Once there, be ready to see some beautiful stage dancers and hear some great music. Dress to impress and be ready for an unforgettable night!

Bling Bling

One of the newest clubs to hit the Barcelona nightlife scene, this club has made a hot impact! Located in one of the nicest areas of the city, this club has quickly become a favorite of natives and foreigners alike. This club is a massive dance floor surrounded by sultry dancers on stages and flashing lights, mesmorizing you until the early morning hours. Hear your favorite hits or dance to the latest edm songs then cool off with one of their signature drinks! If you´re feeling exclusive, you can order a VIP table or a private room just for you and your group. With lots of space to show of your best moves, you´ll want to be ready for a long night of dancing and fun with your friends.


Opium is a very chic and trendy nightspot located on the Barceloneta beach. If you come here, be ready for high-class partying. There is a special VIP area with beautiful lounge couches, bottle service, and exclusive amenities-if you´re looking to spend a little more, that is. Make sure you are ready to dance the night away because the club has a major dance floor and plays only top hits. Don´t be surprised by the lineup of internationally known DJs that perform here quite frequently. Check their website to make sure you are in the know for their nightly dress theme, however, if you come dressed to impress, you will be on point!

La Terrazza

La Terrazza is a hedonistic open-air club located on the Montjüic Mountain (expect some great views). To top that off, this club was voted number 44 on DJ Mags list of top 100 clubs of the world. Yeah, thats right, the world. The capacity is for 1000 people so the dancefloor is of a fitting size: huge and located under the stars. Enjoy a night of dancing on the outdoor terrace, or look out onto the crowd from the VIP area, and expect only the best and latest hits to be played. La Terrazza attracts a young, tanned, and dressed up crowd. Here, you will find a mix of internationals and locals, who come for the Ibiza vibes and flirtacious atmosphere of the club.

Elephant Lounge Club

The Elephant club is an up market lounge club in uptown Barcelona. The interior is colonial with a tropical atmosphere. It is located inside of an old mansion with a beautiful garden and swimming pool to top of the already great views. The club is divided into three areas: one lounge, one dance floor, and an event area. So whatever mood you are in, the Elephant Club Lounge can cater to you! Be prepared for a dazzling (and lavish) night out because the elegance and style of this club does not come cheap. This lounge club attracts an international crowd mixed of all ages. Everyone is dressed in their best, so this is a place to be seen at!


Razzmatazz is Barcelona’s only super club. Containing five different areas, all with different music genres, this is the place where you can find all of the variety. It is located in a massive warehouse style building, so be sure that the atmosphere will match. Razzmatazz contains two large club areas and three more intimate ones, matching everyones tastes. Each club area has its own dance floor and variety of bars. The music policy is electric, house, pop and dub step, but can vary across nights, so be sure to check out not only the club, but the multitude of different levels to be transported from one atmospheric experience to the next!

Soho Club

A hot spot in the Sarria district, this club is classy and chic, perfect for a sophisticated night out. The interior of the club is decorated by white leather sofas and multiple bar areas, which all lead to reveal the dancefloor in the back part of the club. No matter if you want to dance or chill in the comfortable lounge atmosphere, you will never feel left out. The club usually packs the two floor building making sure that everyone is having a good time. Music is always a variety of old and new hits, making house music its specialty. Here you will find a mix of international and local twenety something visitors all looking to dance and be seen!

No matter your taste in music or style, you can be sure to find a place that is just right for you. After all, Barcelona has been at the top of many lists for number one party destination in all of Europe! 😉

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