The Best Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

Explore Barcelona’s best flamenco shows. When you think of Spain, it’s likely that your mind goes to paella, football and, of course, flamenco. Flamenco is the musical style comprised of an intense emotional chant or song over a fast-paced beat that thrums through an exquisite dance....

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Explore Barcelona’s best flamenco shows. When you think of Spain, it’s likely that your mind goes to paella, football and, of course, flamenco. Flamenco is the musical style comprised of an intense emotional chant or song over a fast-paced beat that thrums through an exquisite dance. Although it originated in Andalusia, flamenco is popular all over world, with dance schools in South America, the United States, and Japan. Still, the best place to see a flamenco show will always be in Spain—so why not try in Barcelona?

History of Flamenco

After a large group of Romani people left India in the 12th century, some settled in Andalucia. The Roma, like the Jewish and Moorish people in Spain at the time, suffered from persecution, and the musical style that would become flamenco drew elements from traditional Indian, Jewish, and Moorish styles of music. In the 1800s, flamenco gained popularity among the non-Roma members of the community, and by the 20th century, there were cafes all over Andalusia featuring both Roma and Spanish performers. This is when the lone Spanish guitar became a part of flamenco, further blending the cultures. Flamenco music is far from the cheerful melodies and bouncy rhythms of salsa or bachata; instead, the palos (also known as cantes, or songs) sound almost mournful, contrasted sharply against a quick beat. The lightning-quick dance relies on precision, with very few modern flamenco dances open to improvisation. Flamenco is a fast-paced, intricately constructed performance art that takes one’s breath away.

Flamenco in Barcelona

So, where’s the best place to see a show? Luckily, the best flamenco shows in Barcelona are all right at your fingertips. From Palau Dalmases to Tablao Flamenco Cordobés, you’re sure to find a performance that suits your taste and your budget.

5. Palau Dalmases

Take, for instance, Palau Dalmases. A 17th century palace, this space is steeped in baroque and gothic history. Every night, you can choose from up to three live shows, whether you’re searching for jazz, opera, or flamenco. Head over to the palace for one of the best flamenco shows in Barcelona. Admission includes a drink, so you can sit and sip a glass of cava while you watch an incredible evening unfold before your eyes. The music and rat-a-tat beats fill the space, giving the performance an intimacy that suits flamenco like little else. Not convinced? Check out this incredible gallery. Then go ahead and get your tickets.

4. Arte Flamenco Barcelona

Maybe you’re searching for something bigger and grander. At Arte Flamenco Barcelona, you’ll find it—guaranteed. This wonderful flamenco powerhouse features two locations with very different vibes. If you’re interested in the history of flamenco, you can head over to Plaça Espanya to find Plaza de las Arenas, the bullring-turned-shopping-center that houses both a flamenco museum and a studio. This venue is glamorous and exciting, perfect for showcasing the dramatic turns and trills of Barcelona-inspired flamenco. If you prefer a more seasoned spot, why not check out the Palau de La Musica Catalana? Enjoy dinner and an incredible flamenco show at this venue, which was recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its age and beauty. Arte Flamenco Barcelona offers both authentic flamenco and performances from styles like tangos, so it has something for everyone. Ready to explore these options yet? Buy your tickets here.

3. Palacio del Flamenco

If you want an evening full of music, food, and exquisite dancing, then why not try Palacio del Flamenco? A 2015 recipient of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, this marvelous space has been around since 1920. They offer the chance to eat dinner while watching a flamenco show that boasts “the best pure flamenco and classical dance fusion show in Spain.” Watch dancers perform an intricate and mysterious dance while you savor house sangria and wonderful tapas. A great show and food isn’t enough? This venue also offers flamenco lessons, to individuals or groups curious about this storied art form. It’s safe to say that the class aspect alone elevates this exciting venue on the list of best flamenco shows in Barcelona. Grab some castanets and head over!

2. Barcelona y Flamenco

With one show at the Palau de La Musica Catalana and another at the Las-Ramblas-based Poliorama Theater, the Barcelona y Flamenco shows are an intoxicating blend of opera and flamenco. Both opera and flamenco elevate and transform pain into something beautiful, and the performers bring heartbreak and love to the stage in a way that’s surprising and lovely. With the award-winning dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo on board, the shows have received critical and commercial success–securing its place as one of the best flamenco shows in Barcelona. The stunning music and electrifying dance make this event one of the most popular in Barcelona, among tourists as well as natives. Interested? Become one of the two million people who have experienced this amazing show right here.

1. Tablao Flamenco Cordobés

Number one on our list of the best flamenco shows in Barcelona is Tablao Flamenco Cordobés, a famous venue that has seen dozens of amazing artists since its inception in 1970. As Tablao Flamenco Cordobés has a sister venue in Sevilla, these performances are some of the most authentic in the city. They regularly feature flamenco legends like José Maya, a superstar dancer who has performed in cities and festivals all over the world with artists like Marc Anthony and Beyoncé. The choreographers create new shows designed to honor performers from the past, like the current “Carmen, Carmen, Carmen” performance that pays tribute to world-famous flamenco star Carmen Amaya. The venue also offers a wealth of information on flamenco and a restaurant, so that you can eat or spend a magical New Year’s Eve immersed in flamenco. Are you ready for an evening you won’t forget? Find your tickets here.

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