TOP 10 Guide – Barcelona’s Nightlife

Barcelona is a city that doesn’t stop, pulsating, varied, sophisticated, and with Mediterranean flavour. Day or night, you can find a variety of things to do and places to go, all around the city! The delightful mix of urban glamour and laid-back charm is well...

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Barcelona is a city that doesn’t stop, pulsating, varied, sophisticated, and with Mediterranean flavour. Day or night, you can find a variety of things to do and places to go, all around the city!

The delightful mix of urban glamour and laid-back charm is well reflected in the city’s staggering night scene, where casual bars and sidewalk cafes stand along trendy discotheques and clubs.

It doesn’t mind what kind of partygoer you are, Barcelona offers from rock and jazz to classical and electronic, from luxury options to budget alternatives, and from a flamenco show & dinner to a cocktail class experience.

If you enjoy going out at night, here you have an insider’s Top 10 guide to the nightlife in Barcelona, the liveliest nightclubs, the best cocktail bars for drinking and partying in Barcelona.







Located in a massive warehouse-style building in Calle Pamplona, Razzmatazz is a combination of five clubs in one: Indie rock at the Razz Club, techno at The Loft and Lolita, the Pop Room and the Rex Room are more relaxed spaces oriented to pop, electro and disco acts.

This is a great club for bigger groups. It’s a large club with a good mix of different styles. On almost every night of the week, there’s a concert or event taking place so don’t forget to check their website in advance!

Opium is a very chic and trendy nightspot located on the Barceloneta beach. It contains a restaurant with lunch and dinner menu and a terrace with a great view over the sea. There’s a special VIP area as well with comfortable lounge couches. Make sure you are ready to dance because the club has a major dance floor.

Opium Barcelona is the meeting point for young tourists and those who are visiting in this city. Considered as one of the most important leisure destinations in the area, this club has the well-deserved reputation of offering the best electronic music festivals in a unique environment.

Otto Zutz is a large uptown club that spans three floors and is located in an old textiles factory. The music policy is pure RnB, hip-hop, reggae and funk. It’s a bold, modern club that breaks the standards of the rest of the Barcelona’s nightclubs, creating a venue that transcends the minds of the crowd.

The 3 floors all offer different scenes, with varying ambiences and music. On the bottom floor, you’ll dance the night away to the best hip-hop, RnB and funk music. If you don’t like Hip Hop, Otto Zutz also has a second floor with house music, soul and 80’s and 90’s hits.

Sutton is one of the poshest and most exclusive large clubs in Barcelona, with a well-earned reputation for well-dressed and good-looking clubbers. The Club is very stylish and has various VIP sections, dressing elegantly is a requirement for getting into Sutton.

Queues outside can be very long from 2:00am onwards, so it’s a good idea to come early or you can always have a Barcelona VIP party night with no queuing, VIP entry and VIP transport. The music policy covers the 80’ies, 90’ies and contemporary hit music.

La Terrazza is a hedonistic open-air club located on the Montjuic Mountain. In 2010 it was awarded the 44th  in the DJ Mag Top 100 of the World’s Best Clubs. The club has a capacity of about 1000 in one large outdoor terrace. There are several bars and a special VIP area.

The music policy covers house music that attracts young and dressed up people. You’ll find a good mix of tourists and locals.

If you are looking for more than just a bar, visit the Ice Bar Barcelona. You can enjoy a lounge completely made of ice just as the walls, bars and the rest of the interior. You’ll receive a thermal jacket and gloves to get the most of your visit.

The Ice bar is a truly unique experience. If you are looking for something different, this is your place!

El Jardinet d’Aribau is a beautiful and unique cocktail bar, with an inside garden. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale with its cosy little park with benches and swings. There are small lanterns hanging from the ceiling and trees coming out of the walls.

This enchanted bar is the place to be for those who are looking for a relaxing afternoon or a laidback evening. The cocktail menu is very extensive and creative, so just take a sit on the swing and order your cocktail!

If you want to feel the essence of the nightlife local people, l’Ovella Negra is a must do in Barcelona! It’s a mythical local where we find a diversity of people, perfect for groups, but also for the individuals who like to make some new friends.

The atmosphere in the bar is rustic with large wooden tables and chairs. Their speciality is sangria and beer, served in huge tankards. It also has a small menu for snacks at any time.

Sala Apolo is divided into two areas. Apolo 1 is a larger space with an old theatre vibe, high ceilings, a lot a large stage and lots of red velvet. Apolo 2 is a more modern space – darker, smaller and with a banging sound system.

The music policy is one of the most forward-thinking in the whole city, the genres vary from RnB, Hip-hop, techno, dubstep to house music. Also, what makes Apolo different, is that each day of the week there’s a themed party, such as Nasty Mondays or Crappy Tuesdays.

The Eclipse bar is on the 26th floor of the W hotel. This is where the freshest cocktails are complemented and world-class DJs spinning soulful sounds, delicious beats & live performances, inspired by its stunning Mediterranean setting.

The atmosphere is flirty, and the music policy covers house, pop and lounge. Everyone here is dressed to impress, so make sure you look your best! Most of the days there’s an entrance price, but on Sunday there is a special free list.


Now it’s your turn; Get your friends and get in the best clubs in Barcelona 🙂

We hope these ideas will help you have an epic night in Barcelona! And if you have some trendy nightspots to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment!

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