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What were you doing last Saturday? We had so much fun on the Water Fun Day this weekend with the whole Lifestyle staff! We enjoyed the sun and lots of amusing water activities. In this blog, I am going to tell you about our experiences...

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Water Fun Day Lifestyle Barcelona

What were you doing last Saturday? We had so much fun on the Water Fun Day this weekend with the whole Lifestyle staff! We enjoyed the sun and lots of amusing water activities. In this blog, I am going to tell you about our experiences that day.

We met very early in the morning in front of the Hardrock Café near plaza de Catalunya. It was a hot and sunny day in Barcelona. Some of us were on time and others weren’t, so we waited and waited till everybody was arrived. Someone was very late because she couldn’t find her bikini. Finally, we looked at our watches and we noticed that we had to run for our train! It left in a few minutes and we were still in front of the Hardrock Café. We were all in a hurry and buying the train tickets took very long. Some of us ran to the train already. Luckily they did, because they had to stand between the train doors to let it stay. Just in time, we all entered the train. We made ourselves comfortable in the train, because we had to travel for one hour before our water fun day could start! Some of us used this hour to get a nap; they had a little hangover of the night before. In the train, we had a beautiful view over the coastline and over the cute Spanish houses.

Santa Susana Fun Water Day (29)When we arrived at the location, it was cloudy. We were afraid that the sun wouldn’t come through! We had to walk several minutes to get to right location. We were happily surprised when we arrived; the water fun day was given on a beautiful, serene beach. It was not to be compared with the beaches in Barcelona. This would be an awesome day! After a few minutes, the sun came out. We were so happy, now we could have a fun day and a tan!

Santa Susana Fun Water Day (64)The first activity we did was ride a banana boat. We had to put on very charming yellow lifejackets. Especially the girls weren’t pleased with this! Then we went to the sea to enter the boat. First we wanted to feel the clear blue water and oh my… it was cold. Very cold! But we were tough. That cold water couldn’t stop us. There was place on the banana for eight people, so we went up and the ride could begin! The first few minutes were quit relaxing so we could get used to the feeling. After that, it went faster and faster. The banana was pulled by a speedboat, so it went really fast. The girls were screaming and yelling. The banana boat was making tight turns, so we had to hold on tight for not falling off. When the speedboat made very tight turns, we all flew off the banana and splashed into the cold, but fresh sea. We were overwhelmed and we laughed for a while.

Santa Susana Fun Water Day (79).jpgffThen we climbed back up the banana. Let the next ride start! The second round was even more exiting as the first round! Some of us tried to ride the banana without their hands! The banana made a very tight turn again and the banana capsized. Six of us flew off the banana but two of us remained! These people were very happy they didn’t fell into the cold water again and gave each other a high five! After the others got up the banana again, it went for another round and then turned back to the beach. Wow, that was such a great experience! It gave us a real adrenalin boost!

After this spectacular activity, we thought we deserved a delicious, cold cocktail to recover from the banana ride. We sat down on the relaxing corner at the beach with little benches, tables and big pillows to sit on. We all ordered a mojito and it was really nice! We tasted very cold sparkling water with a slightly bit of rum. It tasted so good in combination with the sweet brown cane sugar, the tasty mint and the fresh lime. We took the time to share our experiences and to enjoy our cold mojito under the warm sunrays with a view on the almost private beach and the perfectly, blue sea.

Santa Susana Fun Water Day (140).jpghhhhhThen it was time to start our second activity. After this wonderful pause, we were totally ready for it. We took our beautiful yellow lifejackets back on to go kayaking! We could choose between a one person kayak and a two person kayak. Everybody took a two person kayak. Kayaking is a real teamwork and some of us found it difficult to go straight ahead. After a few minutes of practicing, everybody had devised their own strategy. We found out that kayaking is a real sport! It is such
a great exercise for your arms!

Some of the girls didn’t want to be sporty. They put down their oars and lay down on the kayak. They took off their life jackets to expose their body to the sun. Two guys of the team got in mind to prank the sunbathing girls. They peddled very quiet towards the girls and before they noticed, the guys overturned the kayak. The unsuspecting girls fell into the water. They could laugh, but wanted to take revenge. Unfortunately, that didn’t succeed. The guys were too fast. After a few minutes playing with the kayaks, we all returned to the beach. The kayaking was very fun and relaxing! It was a good exercise for the teambuilding!

After the kayaking, it was time for lunch. We sat ourselves down at the relaxing corner again. We ordered bottles of water, because we were all very thirsty because of the warm weather. It was also time to put on anti-sunburn cream again. Some of us already started to burn a little bit. We also were very hungry, it was quit late. Some of us ordered tasty sandwiches; others ordered spicy patatas bravas or fresh salads. The food tasted very good and after this lunch, we had some time to chill out on the beach. We lay down our towels on the hot sand and enjoyed the sun for a while. We listened to the background music from the terrace. The weather was perfect. The sun shined bright and there was a little breeze from the sea.

Santa Susana Fun Water Day (174)Then it was time for our third and unfortunately, last activity. We were going to sail on a catamaran. We went on two catamarans in groups of four people. Before we went on the catamarans, we first dived into the sea. We were happy to go into the cold water again, because we were getting very hot in the sun! After a few minutes in the fresh sea, we climbed up the catamaran. There was an expert joining us who steered the boat, so we could enjoy the sun, the breeze and the water without worries. We talked a lot on the sailing boat while we were sunbathing with our feet in the wavy water. We enjoyed the catamaran for one hour and were sad when we had to leave the boat. It was so relaxing and beautiful in the middle of the sea!

After this last activity, it was time to go home. We all had a wonderful day and we think, this water fun day is highly recommended! If you want to have such an awesome day like we did you can book the activity at our website. For more information and for bookings: http://goo.gl/br7Dg

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