Yoga and Pole for Your Body and Soul camp took place in Barcelona

Remember we were telling about the Yoga and Pole for Your Body and Soul camp? It took place last week and I was lucky to be a part of that wonderful event. The 7 day program included classes in the morning and afternoon, followed by...

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Remember we were telling about the Yoga and Pole for Your Body and Soul camp? It took place last week and I was lucky to be a part of that wonderful event. The 7 day program included classes in the morning and afternoon, followed by various fun activities in the evening. I joined the ladies for the first and last day. Please, allow me to share the experience with you.

poleThe first day started with the introduction of our teachers and the program of the week. Crystal (bottom right) is the owner/founder of Poles on Tour and she loves having fun. She is a mommy and girlfriend and lives in Los Angeles, California. She teaches pole what really lightens up her day & she feels right at home when teaching her little baby.  Her pieces all start with a song that moves her soul and from there she builds them!

Vee Niz (top) teaches at Choreography House in LA and insists that pole is the most amazing workout because its effects are experienced in mind, body, and soul. She says that this art form gives women permission to “be” and that is why she loves teaching and believes that “every” woman is powerful and amazing, they just need to experience the pole to truly believe it and unleash their inner goddess! Vee Niz grew in foster care,  was committed to US Air Force for eight years as a combat photographer and is now fighting for the welfare of foster care youth. She has won several Miss Awards and was chosen as one of Glamour magazine’s “Top Ten College Women in America”.

Raphaella (bottom left) received her teacher certification in her hometown Byron Bay, Australia, in 2005. Since then she has taught in studios, gyms, parks, conferences and in retreats in USA, Ecuador, Australia, UK and Spain. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels. Raphaella has now lived in Barcelona for 4 years. She will bring her knowledge of the local area and language to help the participants out during the retreat. 

Then, it was our turn to present ourselves. The camp had women from Sweden, Poland, Los Angeles and even Egypt. Wow! We all had different levels of experience in pole dance and yoga, as well as general physical force. “It won´t be a problem!” – convinced Crystal, a pole dance pro.

The introduction session released some tension; we became closer and more prepared to share our experiences with each other. Raphella, our yoga teacher, started with simple warming-up yoga class. For me it was like a massage. I stretched my stiff back and shoulders (if you work in an office, you would know what I mean) and felt really relaxed.

After the yoga we were ready to move on to a seductive pole dance class. Sounds yummy, right? Venus, the second pole dance professional, helped us to become more comfortable and open. After the class we felt stronger and more beautiful. With all the sensitivity and candor it was an emotional lesson I must tell you.

pole2Crystal´s class for the beginners was next on the schedule. We learned basic grips, spins and tricks. I was surprise how fast you actually can achieve something. The feeling of success is very addictive, indeed, so I´m not surprise so many women around the world are fans of this activity.

When the sun started to go down, we went up to the terrace for some cava. This is really something that is a “must” after all the spins and twirls (or at least if you are on holidays in Barcelona and want to get to know your new friends better). From the terrace we went for a dinner and continued having great time. At the end of the evening I wished the girls a good week and said good bye till the last day, the Grand Finale show!

… … …

The week passed by and I was excited to see all these stunning ladies once again. It was cloudy evening in Barcelona but we still decided to have the Show in Parc de la Ciutadella. When I arrived the transportable stage pole was already set and fresh mojitos were in the making. Photographer, boom box, enthusiastic women – everything was ready for the show!

There was no special program for the evening; everyone could just go on the pole and show their newly learned tricks. While enjoying the crazy spins, I was able to talk to some of the girls and could really notice what a great week they had. Everyone was so pleased with the experience that they felt sad to leave. A comment from Kirilee West perfectly describes the week – “Bruises, blisters, strains, burns, tears, laughter, blindfolds, sun, sand, stretching and learning to breathe… Hands down the best week I have had here in Europe. I leave stronger in more ways than one.”


During the week the ladies got to experience Spanish Cooking Class, tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding, enjoyed Jazz Cruise, Flamenco Dance Class and Walking Tour. They also had dinners and nights out together. Barcelona definitely has a lot to offer for any test!

Melba who shared some Yoga Aerea during the week with the girls felt the same and wanted to thank the teachers – “You´re the best! Gracias Crystal, Venus and Raphaella for your amazing energy, rocking performance and sexy tricks. Thanks to all the girls for being just simply amazing and a source of inspiration. Couldn´t be more happy and blessed to have you girls crossed my path.” There is no much I can add after these comments, I´m just joining them and saying thank you to these fantastic women from my part, as well. I hope seeing you next year! Namaste.


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